Mai Hee Bharat


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We are a political party that strives to instill within minds the fact that in Bharat, the People have no rights; they only have power, if Bharat is to be considered a democratic country. People in general are not aware about this. Mai Hee Bharat will strive to end this Evil that has been plaguing this country for decades together. People have been deceived and taken for a ride!

Our Manifesto

Our Constitution

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Our Emphases

  • Mai Hee Bharat, as the name of the party explicitly asserts, is our unyielding confidence. So far as we are concerned, without us, which includes me, Bharat as a country has no existence.
  • The general public was always kept away from the legitimate political power by cunningly leading them into ignorance about the very fact that without human beings no country can ever come into being.
  • Reforms shall be made so that anyone wishing to be a representative of the people must mandatorily be an elector of the respective constituency.
  • As per our party’s philosophy, we do not “fight” an election; we only participate in it. This is because, in no election we find any “enemy participant” to fight against.
  • After declaration of the election results, no participant can be called a winner or a loser as the matter is decided by the choice of the electors.
  • In our party’s vision, to wipe out corruption from this beloved land of ours, each and every elected individual shall continue in one’s respective office only at the pleasure of the electors. 
  • At the end of the day, the people shall be the highest authority in Bharat. 
  • We vehemently subscribe to the following statements :   
        “It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”
        “The world we need won’t be built by those loyal to the world we have.”
  • We regard each and everyone in Bharat, by default, as a member of our party Mai Hee Bharat. Therefore, we most cordially call upon all of you to come a bit closer and join us extending a hand of cooperation to give a real jolt to the system for ushering in a new era that is overdue for so long.
  • And finally, let us refuse to be fools anymore, for darkness of ignorance is within us and not without.

Our Thought Process

Let us emphasize on certain aspects of the prevailing political system as a whole that give rise to insurmountable problems faced by majority of us in this beloved land of ours. Mai Hee Bharat’s mission has been to dive deep into the core of the matter to unearth the remedy. Here are the findings:


This is our firm conviction that a territory is transformed into a country only by the presence of its people. To give an example, there is no country on Moon or Mars since no people live there. Bharat is a country by virtue of our presence. This means that the people and the country can be thought of as synonymous. Since “we” is the plural form of “I,” therefore, I may be confident in the assertion that I am Bharat myself. It means each and every individual inhabiting Bharat is Bharat himself, and without him Bharat as a country has no existence. Hence the name of our party.


As I am Bharat myself, I bear full responsibility for its welfare. This is my innate power that none can take away from me. It is high time that all of us together, a population of about 135 crore people, begin to exercise this power drawing inspiration from each other. Let us always remember in this context that in Bharat we are a closely knit huge family having natural love and affection towards one another.


We have reasons to believe that since the colonial days, even after August 15, 1947, there has been little or no change in the political status of the people living in this land. We have been thoroughly misled and smeared with myths into the belief that we have achieved freedom and, therefore, can manage our own affairs onwards. But it did not happen, the proof being, even after the lapse of more than seventy five years after the 1947 threshold, our lot has not materially changed. So we must inquire into the following:


Did India emerge as a Sovereign Independent country on August 15, 1947?

Was anyone administered oath of office of Prime Minister in India on that day?

Has anybody been ever lawfully appointed as Prime Minister or Chief Minister in Bharat?


If it is found that the laws have been blatantly flouted in these regards, what can we expect out of such a system? We require radical changes in our very thought process. In the elections, the people will choose their representatives belonging to their respective constituency, and not, which is even theoretically impossible, choose their masters !

Our Party Activists

Shankarananda Sanyasi
Praveen Kumar Saraf
Kailash Kumar Singh
Sk Mantaj Ali
Arit Kumar Bose
Ritika Das
Soumitra Chakrabarty
Parijat Bose
Soumita Roy